The Top Complaints from Tenants and How to Overcome Them

By on June 25, 2015

Hello again!
As we have promised, we are back with our article. In the last blog, we have covered about the rules to follow being a landlord as well as two tenants complaints and their resolution.
Let us now move ahead and discuss the remaining complaints.

Pest issues: It might be possible that you are receiving a late night call from your tenants, if there is a break in into the property by any pest, bug or rodent. It is obvious no want this break in their living area.
Resolution: The best possible way to take control of this break in is to follow a defensive approach. Make sure you have professional service to spray your property timey, so that the vertebrates remain outside. It is good if you are offering a pest control service to your tenants, however always ask your tenants to keep the area clean and hygienic.
Open dustbins, moist bathrooms, wet rugs invite bugs, pests and animals need in shade or cold place.

•Color Paint: If your tenant is a picky one, then he might ask you to color paint the walls.
Resolution: Before this thing comes up, make sure you will have all the walls painted in neutral colors and include this point in your policy that tenants are not allowed to change the color of the walls, as simple as that.

•Disturbing neighbors: There is one perpetual issue, noisy neighbors. No matter you are renting a duplex or commercial complex or standalone flat, a disturbing neighbor always poke in.

Resolution: This resolution requires skills to deal in. If the culprit is one of your tenants, then you can manage it more easily. But if the neighbor is random one, then it goes little trickier.
You can ask your tenant to talk to the noisy neighbor, sometimes this can work all. If that fails, then you can talk to the trouble maker and try to calm them down. However, they are not listening to your complaint then you can go to local ordinances and take their help.

In this article, we covered about top 5 tenant’s complaints as well as their resolution. However, it is always good to follow the protocol: Speak later, Listen first. Always be available when your tenant asks for your presence. If you let your presence marked at your tenant’s need while being kind, polite and understanding, then you will find your renters working with you hand-in-hand.

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