Can Good Real Estate Photos Cause A Faster Sale?

By on June 25, 2015

Ian sent me a link to this article recently:

After Nearly 8 Months, Photos Help Sell Home in 8 Days

The article alleges that:

See this house? It languished on the Orlando market for 224 days. It’s no wonder; right? That photo doesn’t exactly scream “you’ve gotta see me!”. That’s before professional photographer Harry Lim was called by the home’s new listing agent — one who understands the importance of professional photography for his listings. “I shot it on February 28 and delivered the images the next day on March 1,” said Lim. “On March 10 he told me a buyer had made an offer. So by my calculation, I believe the contract came in sometime between March 1 and March 9. To put it another way, after almost 8 months on the market, the home was under contract within 8 days after I took new photos.”

If you didn’t catch the reference it said that there was a new listing agent. My advice to Harry Lim, the real estate photographer is that making claims like this is not a great way to build credibility with listing agents! Sure good photos probably make a difference but I’m here to tell you that the listing agent and many other factors like the Price, time of year, the selling office, the buyers agent commission, the weather, amount of inventory on the local market, lending rates, loan availability make more difference than the photos and whether or not the walls are vertical! Perhaps the new photos played a role but more likely there are some other factor or factors that Harry didn’t even know about that caused the rapid sale.

Read more at Photography For Real Estate

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