Maintenance of Rental Units: Prevention is better than cure

By on June 25, 2015

You own a spare house and you use it as rental unit. But, just because someone else lives in it does not outshine the fact that the property still is your responsibility on most part. Taking care of it is no different from taking care of the home you live in. Also, maintaining it from time to time will save you the trouble of repairing it. Plus, a well maintained property positively attracts more customers and generates more returns.
In the following article we will tell you the points which often require the most attention but can save you big expenses if taken care properly.

Repainting on time
Repainting the property on timely basis extends the life of the property. With the availability of many different types of paints it is easier to find the one that suit you needs the best. For example, water proof paints prevent the walls in rainy seasons, easy to clean paint makes it very easy to clean the stains off the walls.

Look for the pests
Waiting for the pests to build complete their family is not a wise move. You will end up paying more. Exhibiting the pest control action o timely basis will help keeping the sanitation of your house up to the mark. Contact with your tenants to make sure they are disposing the waste mannerly so that it would not attract pests and insects.

Watch for the bathroom
Bathroom surface’s if not maintained properly can result in wear and tear which in turn can lead to dirt in between the tiles or cracking of the tiles. Make sure you are preventing the moisture from getting below the surface by sealing the areas around the bath tub, tiles and sinks.

Prevent water leaks
Prevent the water from leaking by fixing the water pipes in time. Look for the pipes under the sinks and toilet as they are often neglected and are first to go down.

Maintain your electric system
Checking and maintaining your electric system in a timely manner is a more cost effective solution then replacing it. Contact the contractor for the maintenance on regular basis and examining it from time to time.

Air filters
Replacing the air filters of the ducts in the building twice a year is a much more cost effective solution then hiring the professional for cleaning the ducts.

Make it a part of your routine to inspect the rental property and maintaining it on timely basis and this can help you save a big time on your expenses.

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