Guide to Turning over the Unit: The Preparation

By on June 25, 2015

One tenant leaves and another comes in. It is just like some natural cycle and the time gap between these two events must be judiciously used by the property manager to prepare the unit for the next tenant.

This is not a very heavy task and can be done with the help of a few simple strategies. In fact, it can prove to be very cost-effective as it may increase the chances of renting the unit at a higher price. So, let’s take a look at those simple steps.

  • Take a careful walk-through

While your tenant is leaving, it is very important to take a thorough walk throughout the entire property to check for any damages and prepare the detailed report about it. Generally, you will not found anything except the normal wear and tear. But in case of substantial damage, you are required to cut the required amount from the current tenant deposit fund.

  • Getting your vendors ready

As soon as you get the notice that current tenant will be leaving, contact your vendors immediately and book them for repair and maintenance work. This will get your job done in no time as the current tenant moves out and your new tenant will be able to move in quite quickly.

  • Home improvements

If you haven’t got the chance of improving the infrastructure now is the golden opportunity for you to do the task. Replacing the fuse lights, tightening the lose door handles and other small works like this make a big impact on the tenants.

  • Re-keying the apartment is worth the investment

Consider re-keying the whole apartment once the tenant leaves the unit and the new tenant comes in. It’s cheap to get the new locks and keys for the apartment rather than to pay attorney fees in case of unauthorized access to the unit.

  • Record keeping

It is very important to keep the detailed record of the various expenses involved in the maintenance of the unit. This record keeping will tell you where to spend and where not to spend on the unit. This will also save you unnecessary expenses. In fact, you can even raise the rent reasonably as you know how much the maintenance is costing and you will be able to make the reasonable decision.

Unit turnover is just like a phase and can be handled very effectively with some little planning in advance and deploying the proper strategy.

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