Smart, Easy Way to Unload a Timeshare

By on July 1, 2015

Unwanted timeshares can be so costly and hard to sell that owners are sometimes better off just giving them away.  Sound crazy?  The nation’s leading timeshare donation charity makes that process smart, safe and easy.

Donate for a Cause takes unwanted timeshares; converts them to cash; and donates the money to national and local charities.  The process takes just six to eight weeks.  Owners get good karma and a tax receipt.  Charities get much needed cash.

Owners who donate also avoid getting scammed, a genuine danger according to the Better Business Bureau.  But best of all, owners often save years of trying to sell their timeshares, a failed process that could end up costing thousands more in maintenance and listing fees.

“The sad truth is that the resale value of a timeshare is typically worth just pennies on the dollar,” says Virginia Babcock, president of Donate for a Cause.  “Listing agents won’t tell you that because they want your business.  That’s one reason why donating is so often the smarter choice.”

Most charities can’t or won’t accept timeshares on donation, quite frankly because the properties come with all the associated costs and risks that original owners are trying to escape.  So Donate for a Cause takes the timeshares—and all associated liability—on behalf of other nonprofits, buffering them from the problems.  Charities don’t get any of the headaches, just the cash.

In the last ten years, Donate for a Cause has raised more than $2 million for organizations like The American Kidney Fund and The National Foundation for Cancer Research.  They’ve also been recommended by the Today show, the Wall Street Journal, and by numerous consumer advocates nationwide.  You can see those and other stories at:

Recently, Donate for a Cause outsourced all of its marketing to Timeshare Specialists, a company that helps owners find their best option to get rid of their unwanted timeshares.

“Now when people call, they learn several ways to get rid of their timeshares,” Babcock says. “But donation is still often the best option, both for owners and charities.”

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