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By on July 1, 2015

Most of us have worked many open houses with sign in sheets and then after the open house go home and add everything to your CRM or spreadsheet so you can make sure to follow up with everyone.  This process stinks.  Typically I try to find a way for technology to help me and sometimes it is more headache then its worth.

Not the case with Open Home Pro Basic.  Now priced at $14.99 with no monthly fees the barrier to entry is almost non existent.  I’m an apple guy and as of now there is a not an android version but per their website it’s in the works.  They do offer a monthly subscription for $9.99 with some more options but for the way I use it I don’t think its necessary.  Here is how I use Open Home Pro – Basic.


Before my open house, from my iPad or my computer, I upload some photos of my listing and then add some basic details along with the description I used on MLS.  When I am opening the door at my open house I set my iPad on the counter and click “begin open house”.  The screen then starts a slide show of the house I am in.  When someone walks in the door I introduce myself and then hand them my iPad.  I ask for their name, email, phone, are you working with an agent, and how did you hear about the open house.  I do this on 4 pages so they are not overwhelmed.  Honestly it takes about 20 seconds.  I can completely customize the questions that they will find.  By the time they are done with the open house and get to their car they have received an email from open home pro (It can be from you for $10 per month) with information about the listing and my contact info.  Also, when a prospect leaves the open house I will usually jump into the app and add some notes so I remember anything particular we spoke about.  In addition at the end of the day I can export all my leads (with all the answers to my questions in a .csv file and import them directly into my CRM.

At the end of the day I haven’t written down a single name or number and with a few clicks everything is uploaded into my CRM.  This is a great, inexpensive and useful app. 

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