Increase the Value and Appeal of the Rental Property: The Landscaping Way

By on May 4, 2015

Real estate is a very competitive field and certainly the phrase “First impression is the last impression” holds pretty much true here. Consult any of the property management companies and they will suggest you the same thing: “The wrapping matters”. It means the overall appeal of the rental property plays an important role in the decision of the potential client.

What can be more cost effective than a beautiful landscape just outside your house? It does not only promote the greenery but also increases the value of your property.
Below are few cost effective tips for adding a landscape to your property.

1. Start by finding the focal point
Look at your property closely by standing on the other side of the street. If you see that the big bushes, plants and trees are blocking the view then your first job must be to trim those and clean the dirty benches and bird baths. Since, they all points to the main entrance the door, make sure your door looks clean and if not simply paint it with a fresh coat.

2. Clear the pathway
Keep your pathway clean because a clean pathway is an invitation in itself. For the path that is connecting the front door and sidewalk make it decorate with the large stones and bricks and leave signboard to make sure that anyone who visits the property walks on this path and not on the grass otherwise all the hard work you have put into maintenance will go into vain.

3. Plant the plants with a plan
Shrubs, flowers and bushes are a great addition when it comes to increasing the beauty of the landscape. But, do not plant blindly as each one has different sunlight requirement and you must also consider the direction your property faces.

Landscape adds natural beauty to the house/apartment and also promotes the health. They require maintenance over certain period of time but are totally worth investing the time and money. But this aspect of property management demands a considerable amount of time and effort from your side. And you can only give this time if you have a reliable resource at your hand in the form of property management software.
The property management software is a tool that lets you automate your tasks and frees up your lot of time. For example, SimplifyEm, a potential property management system helps you collect rents online, add and maintain your rental properties from anywhere anytime via the cloud service and much more. Give it a try to see for yourself.

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