How to Successfully Build a Rental Portfolio

By on July 1, 2015


Show Summary

There’s a ton of pent up interest in owning rental properties, but many do it all wrong…or get in without understanding some critical parts of the business. Today, Tim Herriage shares some great tips and advice with us on how to build a successful rental portfolio. There are a lot of things to consider…many not so ‘sexy’ things, which are critical to your performance. It’s a great episode…don’t miss it! Only on

Highlights of this show

– Meet Tim Herriage, Managing Director of B2R Finance
– America’s Buy to Rent Lender.
– Join the discussion about the ‘little’ things that need to be considered to build a successful rental portfolio.
– Learn from Tim’s experience of buying over 1,000 houses personally, and evaluating thousands of rental property portfolios through B2R.

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