Four More Ways to Fill Vacancies Fast

By on July 21, 2015

Marketing tools to turn vacancies into occupancies are worth a fortune. Like the technologies offered by Appfolio, there are many common sense methods to focus on your area’s target market.

Each one of the following suggestions is not only intended to help you zoom in on new ways to attract a stream of potential tenants. They’re also carefully chosen to be segues to trigger other ideas.

  1. The first way to fill your vacancies fast takes a little time but can reap big results. Go to the human resources department of the 3 biggest employers in your area. Get to know the “gatekeepers” so you can discover the best, acceptable ways to post a rental notice.

The bonus feature to this suggestion involves the networking you’ll do with the employer. Perhaps you’ll learn of a way to help them so in return they’ll be more motivated to help you.

  1. Put up signs everywhere you can especially in the vacant unit. Like the people you know who’ve had successful garage sales, place wildly colorful signs along well-traveled routes nearby.

In addition use all the available social media as well as sites such as Craig’s List. Jumpstart your marketing with professional and modern property management websites that are 100% integrated and look great on any mobile device.

Purpose-built for property management, these kinds of Websites allow you to seamlessly accept rent online and post vacancies with a few clicks. You can use it as a resident “magnet” to attract residents.

  1. Become a member of as many community organizations as you or your staff can fit into your schedules. Business networking groups are also effective ways to connect with “billboard people”.

The people who you care about and who care about you are what I call “billboard people”. You may have seen photos of people who would walk the streets with a two-sided billboard that they carried.

In the 21st century those people are the ones you’ve taken the time to get to know. As I often like to remind readers, your best advertising is people who trust you, believe in you, and are thankful for you.

That’s why I encourage property managers to do all they can to have good relationships with residents. Happy ones who like how they’ve been treated are likely to spread the good news about your vacancies.

  1. Like realtors trying to sell properties, hold an open house. Most property managers know the top realtors in their area. Contact them and ask about their most successful open house ideas.


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