FAA Bans Drone Videos On YouTube

By on July 1, 2015

According to an article yesterday on MotherBoard.com the FAA has sent cease and desist orders to:

  1. Registered businesses that advertise drone-for-hire services on their websites.
  2. UAV operators that post footage on YouTube. Jayson Hanes, a Tampa-based hobbyist is the first to get a letter for posting on YouTube.

And if you do not respond to the cease and desist, letters the FAA claims they will levy fines and sanctions.

The FAA “logic” for prohibiting drone video on YouTube is that YouTube pays advertising money to all YouTube posters thus making the drone operation commercial. Yeah, sure,  Marques Brownlee, or PSY and others with their level of views make money but like you and I, Jayson Hanes has never received anything from YouTube because what YT owes him is less than a dollar.

I have to say, that I’m embarrassed by the FAA’s behavior. I expect a US Federal Agency with a yearly budget somewhere North of 16 Billion dollars to behave rationally, based on facts. Harassing people like Jayson and claiming that putting a video on YouTube makes you commercial is just plain foolish!

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