Build Rapport With Mobile Park Managers & Residents

By on July 10, 2015

It goes without saying that mobile home communities vary from park to park. The factors are numerous and all over the place, including lot rents, approval criteria, fees, amenities, living conditions, conditions of homes, park moral, safety, and much more. Today we’re going to discuss how one aspect of park life can help you build much more credibility and spread your reputation through word of mouth to bolster the relationship between you and local residence, park owners, and park managers.

Disclaimer: This post is written with the intention of helping individual investors buying, holding, and selling individual mobile homes inside these pre-established mobile home parks.

During various holiday seasons, parks may help encourage residents to partake in with one another host dinners, holiday drives, social get togethers, and local park parties.

Below is a short list of the 4 biggest park holidays and how you can help make a name for yourself and give back to the local community by becoming involved.

4 Park Holidays & How to Participate as a Mobile Park Investor

July 4th

During July 4th some parks will offer a BBQ and party for the residents of the community. As a local investor actively investing or wishing to invest in the park, you can typically attend and support the local community in a variety of ways.

Weeks before July, ask local park managers if there is anything you may contribute to the party. Things to bring can include food, a grill, party supplies, volunteering time to set up the party, etc.


A handful of parks I am involved with throw Halloween costume parties for the residents, even having a resident-established haunted house in the park’s community buildings. Over the years, I have received a tremendous amount of goodwill, enjoyment, and word of mouth referrals from being onsite during these events, even helping to build and/or donate just $100 to materials and supplies for these parties.


Without a doubt, this is a big one. The Thanksgiving time of the year is our time to give back to the community and offer the park manager any help contributing to a Thanksgiving day feast for residents. Remember, your job at the local park is to make every park manger’s life easier.

In the past, I have purchased turkeys for local residents who are not fortunate enough to have the extra money to buy a turkey of their own. Whether the residents had the money or not was not my concern; the goodwill and relationships I helped solidify with these park managers goes beyond words ever could.


Parties, secret Santa, gift trees, and more all happen this time of the year. If you haven’t already determined from the above holidays that giving is important, Christmas time is no different. This time of the year offers us a unique opportunity to give back and build rapport with local park managers to help create Christmas giving programs or parties at local parks you are already involved with.


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