8 Great Smartphone Apps for Real Estate Investors

By on July 1, 2015

Modern technology is regarded by many real estate investors as both blessing and curse. One one hand, we see claims of how distracted we become with our vast numbers of technological gizmos and gadgets. While it’s true that unregulated use of our smartphones can lead to sinking far too much time into Facebook and creating undue (and sometimes dangerous) distractions, there’s no doubt that responsible use of our digital devices can go a long way in increasing productivity.

Real estate apps for our smartphones have come a long way and many have nothing to so with real estate at all!  Yet, they are very important to us.  Here are just a few productivity apps that may just help you stay on task this year.

8 Productivity Apps for Android and iOS

1. EasilyDo Smart Assistant

For: Android, iOS

Price: Free, yearly subscription available

This digital assistant is difficult to describe. EasilyDo does things like automatically add new contacts to your address book, write “Happy Birthday” posts for Facebook friends, keep track of your packages via tracking numbers and give you updates, automatically message friends and family when you’re going to be working late, and plenty more. It’s really like your very own assistant, and definitely worth a try.

2. GoogleDocs & GoogleDrive

For: Android, iOS, Web

Price: Free

If you haven’t delved into the world of GoogleDrive and GoogleDocs, you don’t know what you’re missing. Drive is cloud-based storage, while Docs acts like an online iteration of Microsoft Office. You can share documents, edit them with multiple contributors in real time, share them with various privacy settings, and keep all of your files organized and easy-to-find. 

3. Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workout

For: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Think you’re too busy for exercise? Wrong! This app is great for folks of any fitness level, allowing for customized intensity levels both in the short, 7-minute variety as well as longer workouts. Don’t neglect your body and health. You can spare 7-minutes to get in better shape, no matter how busy you are.

4. Timeful

For: iOS

Price: Free

Timeful is great for finding time to squeeze in tasks that are desired but not required in your day. It’s to help enable you do the things you want without forgoing the must-dos on your list. Timeful adapts to your patterns over time by paying attention to when you’re most likely to complete tasks, making it a very customized experience.

5. Captio

For: iOS

Price: $1.99

On the go and remember something you need to know for later? Whether it’s a sudden epiphany or an important conversation, Captio is easier than hunting down pen and paper. All you do is open the app, jot down some notes and send. Captio dispatches an email with your message directly to you so you won’t forget.

6. OmniFocus

For: iOS, Mac

Price: 14-Day Trial on Mac, $19.99 — $79.99

While this app is pricey, many regard is as one of the best productivity tools out there. This “task management platform” is renowned for its robust features that help manage the work-life balance, keep track of goals, and leave time for R&R. It’s hard to encapsulate all that this app does in writing — so check it out for yourself!

7. Evernote

For: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, Google Chrome, Web

Price: Free

Evernote is an oldie but a goodie. This app allows you to catalog anything and everything you want to remember. Notes, websites, references, photos, PDFs, to-lists, you name it. The app automatically indexes what you add, making everything easily found. It also includes a chat function for your colleagues, allowing for real-time note-taking during your collaborations.

8. Clear

For: iOS, Mac

Price: $4.99

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