3 Ways to Beat the Heat without A/C

By on July 21, 2015

Now that Memorial Day is past, the dog days of Summer are just around the corner. Here are some helpful—and cheap—tips to keep your house cool when the thermometer starts ticking upwards. Whether you own a home without air conditioning, or are looking for ways to beat the heat without the electric meter draining your wallet, try a combination of these tips that may just work for you.

The Strategy

The goal is to minimize the amount of heating to your home during the day. Invite cold air into your home during the night, and block hot air from entering when the sun is up. Always be mindful of the temperature difference between the outside and the inside. This will help you learn the heating and cooling pattern of your home. You will likely find that even if the temperature starts dropping outside in the late afternoon, your house will retain heat into the evening if you do not take the proper steps.

Use of Windows

Windows are one of the most important factors in keeping your house cool. During the daytime, shut every window in your home, and close all your curtains and blinds. Make sure to button up your home early in the morning before it gets hot. White and other light colored curtains work best to reflect heat. But, make sure they are opaque enough to not allow sunlight in.

In the evening, open all your windows to pull in the cooler evening air. If you can, leave as many windows open all night as you are comfortable. If you do go to sleep with some windows shut, try waking up early and opening up all your windows around Dawn. It is the coolest time of the day. Take advantage of it.

Fan Management

You will want to use personal fans during the daytime to keep you cool when the windows are shut. Try placing several around the room you are in so that they create a circular breeze. Another good trick is to place a bowl of ice water right in front of a fan that is blowing upon you. The air will be cooled as it passes over the bowl of water.

At night when the windows are open, be strategic about fan placement in windows to pull in cool air. Box fans in bedroom windows can create a pleasant cool breeze. On the opposite end of the house, put another box fan blowing outwards. This will make a wind tunnel through your home, which can be highly effective at cooling. Make sure to keep interior doors open.

Reduce Lights and Electricity

Electronics give off heat. Whether it is a light bulb (incandescent are the worst offenders), or a computer, keeping your electricity usage down will help reduce the amount of heat in your home. This will make your night-time cooling efforts easier.

Good luck, and stay cool.

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