3 Unconventional RE Lead Sources

By on July 24, 2015

There is no question that some of the top real estate investors are where they are because of their inherent ability to capture leads. Seeing as how real estate investing is a numbers game, it is conceivable to assume that the more leads you have, the more potential deals you can close. However, capturing said leads is easier said than done. Relatively new investors may not even know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve been in the industry for a while, but can’t seem to break into a bigger market. Whether or not you are a seasoned investor, leads are the life-blood of your business. That said; you want to build a real estate business that enlists numerous strategies to capture leads. One is not nearly enough. It is absolutely critical to the success of your real estate business that you have multiple ways of capturing leads. Here are three surprising tools you can take advantage of to find new leads in 2015:

1. Craigslist Ads:

While Craigslist is probably not as unconventional as you may have imagined, it is such a critical component to any lead generation strategy that it warrants your attention. The main reason investors should be using Craigslist: It has a wide variety of users in nearly every marketplace. There is simply too big of a pool of potential leads to ignore it. Perhaps even more importantly, people on Craigslist are just a few clicks away. All you have to do is post one ad to gain their attention. Of particular importance, however, is the headline you use.

Despite what you may have heard before, the headline of a Craigslist ad means everything. It is the first thing potential leads will see, and you don’t want to do anything to deter them. Having said that, headlines that describe emotional responses to the property perform much better than informational headlines. Still with me? The object is to attract as many people as you can. You want to make your headline appeal to the broadest audience possible. In stuffing your headline with information about the property, you are essentially eliminating potential leads before they open the post. Think about how many people come to the table thinking that they know exactly what house they want to buy. If your headline doesn’t have what they want, they will move on. However, using a headline that initiates an emotional response will be intriguing. An emotive headline gets them to click the ad and view the images.

It should also go without saying that the content of the ad is equally important. While the headline should draw the audience in, the content should keep them there. With that in mind, be sure to use as many high-quality photos as you can. This will help you stand out from the terribly formatted postings that litter Craigslist.

Once you have captured their attention, you will need a means of acquiring information. The ad is essentially useless if there is no exchanging of contact information. You will want to incorporate a call to action that requires your audience to text or email you for more information. A good tip is to deliberately omit the price and ask anyone who’s interested to contact you for the relevant numbers.

Finally, it is a good idea to create a schedule. Craigslist is such a powerful tool for investors. They need to be using it all the time. However, posting numerous ads can get a little confusing. Make sure you create a schedule to keep track of when and what you should post.

2. LinkedIn Publishing:

LinkedIn, like almost every other social media platform, has evolved to keep up with trends. In a recent update, LinkedIn made it possible for users to write blog posts on their profiles. Perhaps even more importantly, all of the members in your network are alerted every time you post something new. This gives you the power to constantly place yourself in front of everyone in your network. A great way to use this is to write 300-word to 400-word introductions to your listings.

A LinkedIn profile for real Estate agents can really drive leads. Marketing through your LinkedIn profile for real estate agents is essential. There is a really good chance that most of your clients will view your profile at one point or another. And there are some awesome marketing tactics you can use to get even more business from yours.

You really need to view your LinkedIn account as an extension of your business card. It is something that needs to portray your business in the best possible light. It also needs to serve as a point of contact. Either way, this feature gives you the power to reach out into your community. Make sure you are using it correctly.

3. Stealth Websites:

2015 may be the year of the stealth website. What makes me say that? Conversions on unbranded websites are typically 10-15 percent higher than on branded websites.

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