3 Easy Ways to Increase Real Estate Leads

By on July 1, 2015

There are several phases to the real estate industry, each of which are important in their own right. However, while all are necessary to understand and complete a deal, some are more important than others. Of particular importance, however, is the method in which leads are generated. After all, you can’t profit on a deal if there is no property to begin with. Yes – the individual exit strategy you pursue is important, but it is essentially a pipe-dream if you are unable to convert a hot lead into an actual deal. Having said that, real estate leads are a numbers game. The more promising leads you have, the more deals you are likely to close.

It is not enough to have one deal in your pipeline. In fact, the more leads you have, the better off your real estate business will be. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you know the ways to obtain leads. You need to take advantage of the various avenues that permit you to do so. If you are not using every advantage at your disposal to generate leads, you are only hurting your business.

The following will highlight three excellent strategies investors are advised to implement if they wish to acquire new leads:

1.) Leverage The Lead Generation Capabilities Of Your Website:

As far as the Internet has come in the last decade, it continues to offer limitless opportunities for those who know how to leverage it. Having said that, if you do not have a personal website to promote your real estate investing business, you are already at a significant disadvantage. Moreover, just having a website is not enough. You need to keep it up to date with relevant information. More importantly, use it to attract new leads.

You can capture hot leads by leveraging your website to offer things like a free market report, IDX listings, a home value consultation, or a guide with helpful tips and ideas for homeowners. Get people to fill out a short form, giving you their name, email address and phone number in exchange for the content/offer. Otherwise known as a squeeze page, these pages are extremely useful in gaining valuable hot leads.

Call each lead that comes through as soon as possible to qualify them and ask if they have any questions. A great customer relationship management (CRM) platform for real estate will automatically flow these new leads into your database, where you can put them into a specific group and drip marketing campaign.

2.) Take Advantage Of The Unique Opportunities Events Provide:

The real estate industry is entirely customizable, in that there is essentially limitless ways to go about executing individual strategies. In terms of gaining new leads, almost every strategy has been implemented. While some work better than others, there is no reason not to try something that you haven’t before. Branch out and try something new to attract potential leads.

While effective, yet underutilized, investors need to consider the possibilities an event can harbor. Events like client appreciation nights and home expert seminars can be very effective for getting new leads. Here’s why: When you invite your clients to these events, you’ll encourage them to bring along friends and family members. Have everyone sign in when they get to the event so you can capture names, email addresses and phone numbers. Events should be an important element to your annual real estate marketing plan. They’re not only great for getting new leads, but they’re excellent for building loyalty and staying in touch with your past clients — the very people you’re counting on to give you referrals and repeat business.

3.) Take The Time To Understand & Utilize Social Media:

Again, the Internet has yet to meet its potential. It continues to serve as the single most important advertising tool. There is no other way to reach such a broad audience with such little effort. Take advantage of social media sites. With very little effort, your exposure can increase exponentially. Popular sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to promote your real estate investing business.

The misconception is that if you flood the market with constant posts it is enough to drive people to you. The reality is that when it comes to social media activity quality is more important than quantity…

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